3 Home Remedies For Candida

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yeast infection home remediesHome Remedies For Candida. The statistically about 75% of women will develop at least one yeast infection in their lives? and is common in women, though men can develop it too in rare cases.

Candida is a fungus or bacteria which live inside our body to help with nutrient absorption and digestion. It mostly affects the vagina area. 

However, it can also develop beneath skin folds, under nail beds, lower abdomen, breasts, and around dentures.

Candida is not a harmful health condition, but you need to treat Candida overgrowth and early symptoms to prevent the spreading. It can affect your mouth, skin, urinary tract, stomach, and virginal area.

Many causes can be attributed to the Candida infection such as the bacterial infection, weak immune system, birth control pills, prolonged used of the antibiotics, and pregnancy. And diabetes patients are prone to the Candida overgrowth.

Most Candida overgrowth common symptoms include diarrhea, bloating, constipation. Skin or nail fungal infections like toenail fungus or athlete’s foot. And other digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, sugar cravings.

If the Candida is overgrowth inside your body. You can treat these symptoms with the available home remedies. Consider the following three home remedies to get rid of Candida fast.

Home Remedies For Candida

Fresh and Plain Yogurt (You should use Unsweetened Yogurt):

Home Remedies For Candida with yogurtThe pro-biotic, live cultures in yogurt encourage the growth of helpful bacteria that work against yeast infections. Plain yogurt can be used to remove Candida as well as get rid any yeast infections. 

For the treatment, you can simply add plain yogurt in your diet. For the vaginal infection, you can apply the yogurt in the affected area with a cotton ball 2 times in a day. The infection will be cleared within a couple of weeks. Just apply the yogurt frequently to prevent the yeast spreading.

Cranberry Juice:

Home Remedies For Candida with cranberryCranberries are rich in a compound called “arbutin” that is very effective to eliminate the Candida infection. You can drink to treat infections caused by overgrowth Candida such as urinary tract infections and vaginal yeast infection.  The Cranberry Juice  can also relieve the itching and pain caused by yeast and bacterial infections.

For the treatment, the best result. You can simply drink a glass of the cranberry juice 2-3 times in a day for a couple of weeks, and make sure that you drink the non-sugary (Unsweetened Cranberry Juice ) one since sugar can make your condition worse. You will notice the improvements within a week. Cranberry juice, It tastes very tart, so you may want to dilute it with water.

But, If you do not like the taste of the juice, you can take cranberry tablets two to three times per day.


Home Remedies For Candida with garlicRaw garlic contains a number of sulfur-containing compounds. These ingredients are helpful to treat the Candida infection. Raw garlic contains natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Include, to treat other bacteria as well, to prevent it going back. And killing any fungus that lives in your gut.

For the treatment, you just consume the garlic to clear the infection. Just can include garlic in your foods as much as possible. You need to have 2-5 garlic cloves in a day. If you do not like the raw garlic, you can take the garlic supplements, as a better option. You can also apply to the affected area of your body.

For vaginal area treatment. Take a single clove of garlic and, using a needle and thread, sew a piece of cotton through one end so it has a string, just like a tampon. And insert into the vagina before going to sleep. You’ll need to do this multiple times, at bedtime to eliminate the infection.

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yeast infection home remedies

3 Home Remedies For Candida Fast By The Naturally Ways
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