Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Itch While Pregnant

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Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Itch While PregnantHome Remedies For Yeast Infection Itch While Pregnant. Yeast infections are especially common during pregnancy because hormone changes can disrupt the pH balance of the vagina. There is more sugar in the vaginal secretions on which the yeast can feed, causing an imbalance, which results in too much fungus.

Yeast infections are also referred to as monilial vaginitis or vaginal candidiasis.      A yeast infection is formed by microscopic fungi.  A certain amount of yeast can be found in the vagina. But when it grows faster than other competing organisms, it becomes a problem.

Higher estrogen levels during pregnancy produce more glycogen, which makes it easier for yeast to grow in the vaginal walls. Common yeast infection symptoms include vaginal Itchiness, irritation and a white, thick discharge that looks like cottage cheese. Symptoms include burning, and redness in your vagina and labia and sometimes swelling. And discomfort or pain during sex.

There are Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Itch While Pregnant, that are safe, both to help cure the yeast infection and to relieve the symptoms until it has cleared up.

Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Itch While Pregnant With Yogurt:

Yogurt contains live cultures and acidophilus, which promotes the growth of good bacteria that is helpful in treating yeast infections. Yogurt is a safe way for a pregnant woman to treat yeast infections, can either be consumed orally or applied directly to the vaginal area.

If applying to the vagina, sufferers should use unflavored yogurt and freeze it into a tampon applicator. The tampon applicator containing yogurt can then be inserted into the vagina. This should be performed one to two times a day. And can relief from itching and burning by applying yogurt topically to the affected area.

Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Itch While Pregnant With Garlic:

Garlic is another antifungal home remedy used to treat yeast infections. you should take a fresh garlic clove and peel off it’s natural white paper shell, and inserted into the vagina before going to bed. After that, remove the garlic clove out of the vagina in the morning.

This treatment for one night can be enough to kill all the yeast infection and relieves itching. But, if you get the serious yeast infection, should repeat this treatment one more time in the next night 1 or 2 days until the itchiness is completely gone. This treatment should to be  done at bedtime because of the connection between the vagina and the mouth. So the home remedy is recommended for the bedtime.

Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Itch While Pregnant With Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar cover some special and distinctive components that will be able to control the yeast infection and kill all of the fungi causing it’s symptoms.

You can add apple cider vinegar into the bathtub. About 2-3 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar in the warm water. and soak your body in this bath for one hour. All the skin itching and irritation will lessen as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can dilute  apple cider vinegar with plain water and then apply it externally on the affected skin area. Leave it on for half an hour and then rinse it off with water as well.

Include you can make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of the organic apple cider vinegar in a cup of the warm water then drink it 2 times per day for a few days.

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Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Itch While Pregnant

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Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Itch While Pregnant

Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Itch While Pregnant Within 12 Hrs.!!
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