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home remedy for male yeast infectionHome remedy for male yeast infection. A male yeast infection is both unpleasant and embarrassing to the affected person. Yeast infection is a popular health problem that is commonly in women than in men. It is however possible for men get a yeast infection.

Yeast infection is usually irritating and unpleasant since it causes so much discomfort.

A male yeast infection is triggered by the same fungus that causes a yeast infection within a woman, Yeast infection is caused by Candida albicans. A small amount of the fungus Candida is present in our intestinal tract all the time and once it grows out of control it can turn into a yeast infection that can show up on skin or their genitalia.

Men can get yeast infections, which can lead to a condition known as balanitis — inflammation of the head of the penis.

However, any changes to the immune system can result in an overgrowth of yeast. For example, HIV or AIDS patients or patients undergoing chemotherapy may be more likely to develop a yeast infection because of their weakened immune systems. There are numerous other factors that cause the growth of yeast in the body.

Symptom and signs of male yeast infection

Some common warning signs of a penile yeast infection are, Sores on the foreskin of the genital organ, irritation and itchiness, redness and inflammation on top of the penis, discomfort during sexual intercourse, white discharge, similar to a vaginal infection. And include, burning sensation when passing urine.

There are several ways in which you could possibly treat male yeast infection. Male yeast infection can be treated by some antifungal creams and drugs that can be find easily at a drug store. Male yeast infection can also be treated using some home remedies.

Home remedy for male yeast infection.

There are several home remedies that are easily available and are effective at treating male yeast infection. Some of these methods can help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with this malady.  Here you will find some of these home remedies for male yeast infection.

Organic coconut oil.

This is a medically proven antifungal that works on hardened skin by destroying both the nucleus and the plasma of the yeast cell, thereby killing it. Help to prevent the spread of the infection and also help get rid of the infection effectively and quickly. Take a teaspoon of coconut oil before every meal every day. You can also the oil directly onto the affected area.

Organic Mediterranean Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil contains carvacrol which is effective in treating yeast infection. Mix a drop of oregano oil with olive oil or coconut oil in a ratio of 2:1 and apply it on the affected area. Never apply oregano oil on your skin without diluting it with other oils such as olive oil or coconut oil since it can burn your skin.

Cranberry juice.

Cranberry juice helps to prevent the spread of yeast infection and also help to get rid of the infection. Additionally, it boosts the body’s levels of good acidophilus bacteria. A man with a penile yeast infection should drink cranberry juice twice a day till the symptoms vanish.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is rich in ascorbic acid which helps to restore the skin’s pH level of your skin thus getting rid of yeast infection. Because it creates an unfriendly environment for yeast cells to thrive. 

A man with penile yeast infection can Mix lemon juice with warm water in the ratio 2 tablespoonfulsof lemon juice with 1 quart of warm water. and soak the affected are in the water. should be done three times daily until healed.


Yogurt is a great home remedy. You can eat some plain yogurt daily or apply some plain yogurt on the affected area to help get rid of the yeast infection. Yogurt can be used both externally and internally to get rid of yeast infection. Yogurt contains good bacteria such as acidophilus and lactobacillus that help to fight off the yeast infection.

Moreover you should ensure that genital area is kept as dry and cool as possible by wiping with clean, dry towel after taking a bath. 

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Home remedy for male yeast infection

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